Road Signs

Road Signs Drivers should understand the meaning of traffic signs before they attempt to drive on public roads. Traffic signs and roadway markings are divided into a number of broad categories

  1. Regulatory
  2. Warning
  3. Information

Different types of signs are used on motorways and a special series of warning signs are used for road works. Most Road signs in the Republic are in both Gaelic and English. Ireland is striving towards metrication so the all new-style green and white signs are in kilometres. However, nothing is quite that simple in Ireland so expect to come across some black-on-white signs showing distances in miles. As in Britain, road signs in the North are always in miles. One road sign that is unique to the Republic is the "Yield" sign - in the UK this is worded "Give Way". Throughout both the Republic and Northern Ireland, brown signs with white lettering indicate places of historical, cultural or leisure interest.

Regulatory Signs
Warning Signs Ireland
Ireland Information Signs